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Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to COMTRUST’s Branch 24 Account Access and Bill Payment.

Account Access...

  1. Do I need to apply for Branch 24 Account Access?
    No application is necessary - all you need to access Branch 24 is your COMTRUST account number and your CALL 24 PIN number.

  2. How do I access Branch 24?
    Enter your COMTRUST account number (member number), as it appears on your statement (without a suffix) and your Call 24 PIN. You cannot use your ATM or debit card number.

  3. What’s a Call 24 PIN?
    It’s a secret identification number (password) that gives you access to COMTRUST’s free telephone account access - Call 24. If you do not know your PIN, please contact an employee of COMTRUST.

  4. Which Internet browsers are compatible with Branch 24?
    Users must use Netscape Navigator version 4.51 or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher; or American Online’s Web Browser 4.0 or higher.

  5. What can I do with Branch 24 Account Access?
    You can check your COMTRUST account balances – checking, savings, loans, certificates and IRAs. You can review cleared checks, ATM transactions, deposits (including direct deposits), transfers and loan payments. You can also transfer funds between your COMTRUST checking and savings accounts and make payments to your COMTRUST loans. Transfers to/from certificates and IRAs are not allowed.

  6. Are there any accounts which are not accessible through Branch 24?
    Credit card accounts are maintained on systems not accessible by Branch 24, so you cannot view information on these accounts. However, you can make payments from your COMTRUST checking and savings accounts to your COMTRUST Credit Card accounts. Also, you may access the VISA link through our HOME page.

  7. How current is the information I see in Branch 24?
    The account balances shown on your screen are "real time" amounts, reflecting up-to-the-minute transactions from our main computer system.

  8. Can my account history be viewed online?
    Yes. Your account history is available online. You will continue to receive a credit union statement through the mail showing all account activity.

  9. Is there a fee to use Branch 24 Account Access?
    Branch 24 Account Access is FREE to all members who have any type of COMTRUST account.

  10. Can I make transfers between primary accounts in different names?
    You may make transfers to any suffix on your primary account that is eligible for Branch 24 deposits, withdrawals or payments. You may also transfer to other accounts in your name, provided an agreement is signed and on file at the CU.

  11. What hours is Branch 24 available?
    Branch 24 is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

  12. Does Branch 24 Account Access work with Personal Finance/ Money Management programs?
    Your COMTRUST account history can be downloaded to both Intuit’s Quicken© and Microsoft’s Money© programs. However, these programs are not designed to accept downloads from our Bill Payment service. If you use the COMTRUST Bill Payment service, you must encode all transactions into Intuit’s Quicken© and Microsoft’s Money© programs.

  13. Will my Branch 24 Account Access be discontinued if I do not access my accounts for a while?
    Yes. Your enrollment in Branch 24 Account Access is terminated if more than 6 months lapse between your log-ins. If your service is terminated, however, you can immediately regain access by logging in. You will be asked to review and accept online the applicable disclosure.

  14. How do I view the history of my account?
    When entering Account Access you will see a summary of your accounts. Each account’s name is underlined and is a link to more information about the account. Click on any account’s name to view more information, including a detailed listing of all transactions.

    Below the transaction listing are buttons you can click on to download the displayed transaction history to Intuit’s Quicken© and Microsoft’s Money© programs. At the bottom are input fields that allow you to select a different date range for the transaction detail.

Bill Payer...

  1. What is Bill Payment?
    Branch 24 Bill Payment allows you to schedule one-time and recurring payments to almost any individual or company. The service is provided through Metavanate Corporation. Payments are electronically deducted from your COMTRUST checking account and forwarded to your payee either electronically by ACH (Automated Clearing House) or by check (if the payee does not accept electronic payments), along with information to ensure your payment is properly credited.

  2. Is the Bill Payment service secure?
    Yes. Any information that you transmit through Account Access or Bill Payment is protected by several security measures. You must first access your account on our secure platform by using a password. Your information is further protected by encryption, firewalls and a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol that are in place to ensure your financial transactions remain confidential.

  3. Is there a charge to use Branch 24 Bill Payment?
    In order to have Branch 24 Bill Payment you must have Account Access. The Bill Payment portion of Branch 24 is optional and subject to COMTRUST approval. $6.95 per month provides you with up to 10 payments, with additional payments in the same calendar month just $ .40 each.

  4. Will I be charged the monthly service fee even if I don’t make payments?
    Yes. Similar to your telephone bill, you will be charged the monthly service fee if you do not use Bill Payment.

  5. Will I be able to pay bills from any of my COMTRUST accounts?
    No. Payments can be made only from your COMTRUST Checking Account.

  6. How do I apply for COMTRUST Branch 24 Bill Payment?
    You may register for Bill Payment via the Branch 24 web site. Simply fill in the application and transmit the information to our office. A credit union employee will review the application. Upon verification of the accuracy of the information and an entry for the designated pricing plan, the application may be approved. The information is then transmitted to Metavante Corporation for entry to their system. You will receive an E-mail stating that your application has been approved.

  7. When can I start using Bill Payment?
    Once you receive your Bill Payment Personal Security Code by E-mail, which takes approximately 3 business days, you may activate the service and immediately begin to schedule payments.

  8. Can I add an authorized user to my Bill Payment service?
    Any person that you allow access to your account number and PIN will have access to your Bill Payment service.

  9. Who can I pay through Bill Payment?
    You can pay practically any bill with Branch 24 Bill Payment – merchants, utilities, your car and house payments, credit cards, even your doctor or day care center. There are, however, organizations that will not accept third-party electronic payments, such as the IRS and other taxing entities. You can also use the service to send checks for reasons other than bill a one time gift to a special niece, or a monthly allowance to a college student, even a charitable donation you've pledged.

  10. Is there a difference between a Payee and a Merchant?
    No. These terms are used interchangeably to identify the recipient of your payments.

  11. How do I add payees to the list?
    The "add/edit" screen allows you to add to, delete from and edit your personal list of payees. New payees added through this screen will appear immediately on the bill payment "Payee List". Use care when setting up merchants. Once you submit your entry, the address cannot be edited.

  12. What if my Merchant’s address changes?
    If your merchant’s address changes, you must treat it as a "new" and add a new merchant record. By doing this you will have two merchant records – the old and the new. You may then delete the "old" record, BUT doing so will delete your payment history for that merchant. In order to maintain your payment history, simply keep the "old" merchant record in your database, but make payments through your "new" record.

  13. What do I do when the Merchant Account ID does not match when trying to select a payee from the database?
    If you try to set up a payee without searching, there may be several payees that appear identical. With the first one, you may encounter an error that the Merchant ID is not correct. The reason for this is that some corporations have different payment centers within the same building. It is important to find the correct Merchant Account or enter the payee as an unlisted payee.

  14. What do I do with the invoice or payment coupon I normally send with my check?
    You do not need to send your payment coupon to your merchant. As long as you include your account number when paying through Bill Payment, your merchant will credit that account. If you prefer, you can attach your monthly invoices to your Bill Payment confirmation report for your records.

  15. Do my merchants need to know that I will now pay them through Branch 24 Bill Payment service?
    No. It is not necessary to notify your merchants that you will be submitting your payments through Branch 24 Bill Payment.

  16. How do I set up a recurring payment?
    The "add/edit" screen also allows you to schedule recurring payments. Simply complete the "Recurring Payments" section on your Merchant Information screen. All recurring payments will be marked with a symbol. Once you set up a recurring payment, the same amount will automatically be sent every month until you edit or delete the payment.

  17. How do I set up a one-time-only payment?
    The "Pay Bills" screen allows you to schedule one-time payments, entering the payment and the processing date.

  18. When should I set up payments to ensure that my bills are paid on time?
    A good "rule of thumb" is five (5) business days before the due date shown on your bill. "Business Day" means Monday through Friday, excluding Federal banking holidays.

  19. How do I change a payment that is already scheduled?
    The "Pending Payments" screen shows those payments that have been scheduled but not yet processed. It allows you to verify that the information submitted for payment is correct. If not, you can make corrections on this screen before they are processed.

  20. How many days does it take for the payment to reach the payee?
    Payment processing could take from 3 to 5 business days, depending on whether the payee accepts electronic bill payments or requires a paper check. Your payee list will show whether each of your payees accepts electronic or check payments.

  21. Does Metavante Corporation guarantee that check payments will post in five business days and electronic payments in three business days?
    Metavante Corporation guarantees that the payment will be remitted to the payee; however, they cannot guarantee when the payment will post, as they do not have control over the payee.

  22. When is money taken out of my checking account for a scheduled bill payment?
    Funds are withdrawn within two business days of the processing date that you specify for each payment, visible on both the "Pay Bills" and "Pending Payments" screens.

  23. How is the payment deducted from my account?
    Payment is deducted by direct ACH (Automated Clearing House) debit through Federal Reserve banking channels.

  24. Can I cancel a pending bill payment after it is scheduled?
    Yes, you can cancel a pending payment. By going to the "Pending Payments" screen, selecting the payment to be cancelled, and clicking on "Delete Payment" or by calling Metavanate Corporation Customer service at (800) 823-7555. After confirming that the payment is not already in processing, the customer service representative will ask for the account holder’s (your) name, account number, name of payee and the confirmation code that appears on your "Pending Payments" screen in the Branch 24 Bill Payment program.

  25. How long is Bill Payment history kept on file?
    You have immediate access to three months of bill payment history. In addition, Metavante Corporation maintains bill payment records for up to two years. These records are not stored electronically, so they will take longer to retrieve.

  26. Can I view the payment history for a specific merchant?
    All Bill Payment transactions are automatically filed on the Payment List page under Bills By Default. The transactions for all payees are listed for the date range 30 days in the past until 30 days in the future. You may choose to sort through the listing by "payee" or by "date range," and then click on the Retrieve button.

  27. Can I access Branch 24 while outside the U.S.?
    Yes. Branch 24 can provide you with peace-of-mind when you are traveling for an extended period of time. All you need is access to the World Wide Web with a secure browser, and you can access your account and/or pay your bills from outside the country.

  28. Can I schedule payments to payees outside of the United States?
    No. All Branch 24 payees must be located in the United States and the payment must be payable in U.S. dollars.

  29. Why do I need a confirmation number for each payment?
    The confirmation number is noted on each transaction you make and is needed when you make a research request from Metavante Corporation. It identifies exactly which transaction needs attention.

  30. When and why should I call Metavante Corporation?
    When you need to request a copy of a check, research a past payment or require other type of assistance, Metavante Corporation’s member service department will assist you. The number to call is (800) 823-7555.

  31. How do I stop a payment? Does it cost me anything to make a stop payment?
    When you need to make a stop payment, you can submit your request to your local branch of COMTRUST or call 1-800-926-7448 ext. 254. Your checking account will be charged $30.00 at the time of the request.

  32. What happens if there are non-sufficient funds (NSF)?
    If there are insufficient funds, the item will be returned by Metavante Corporation through normal banking channels. The ACH return will prompt the system to block the account, preventing any more payments being made until the NSF is resolved. Any recurring future dated payments scheduled for release during the time the account is blocked will not be paid. Your account will be charged $30.00 – the same as any insufficient item from your checking account.

  33. How do I check the status of a payment?
    The system will show the status of the payment on the pending payments screen. If the payment is ACH, it is assumed to have been received. Receipt of checks mailed need to be verified by the merchant.

  34. Who do I notify of a late or missing bill payment?
    You can notify Metavante Corporation by using the Bill Payment e-mail feature within Branch 24. The e-mail feature allows you to receive messages from Metavante Corporation, as well as ask questions about scheduled payments. You may also phone Metavante Corporation at (800) 825-4321.

  35. What is Metavante Corporation’s definition of a late payment?
    A late payment to a payee is defined as a payment that has not arrived at the payee within the allowable number of days (5 business days for check payments and 3 business days for electronic payments) from the time the user scheduled the payment.

  36. When can I initiate research on payments that have not been posted?
    Requests to initiate research for payments not posted will be accepted on the fifth business day after the payment was processed. You will need to call Metavante Corporation’s Customer Support at (800) 823-7555 and submit a research request.

  37. Will I have the same password for Bill Payment as for Account Access?
    Yes. Bill Pay and Account Access are both located on our secure online banking platform that requires one password.

  38. Can I change my password?
    Yes. The User Options link on the Account Access allows you to change your password as often as you like.

  39. How do I discontinue Bill Pay Service?
    In order to discontinue Bill Pay you must contact the credit union.

  40. Can I be locked out of Branch 24?
    Yes. After the fifth try at typing in the password, if it is incorrect, you will be locked out. This is done for your protection. You should then contact COMTRUST and request the account be unlocked. (1-800-926-7448 ext. 254 or 423-752-0254).

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