We Love to Be Free when we Can

Service Fee
Account Research/Reconcilliation$20.00 per hour ($20.00 min.)
ATM transactions or inquiries1$1.00 each (Non-Comtrust)
Bill Pay2$6.95 per month for up to 10 transactions (0.40 each over 10)
Check Copies$2.00 each
Closed Account < 1 year$10.00
Credit Union Check$5.00 each
Inactive Accounts3$5.00 per month
Mobile Deposit40.50 per item
Money Order$5.00 each
Overdraft or Dishonored Items$39.00 each
Overdraft Transfers$7.00 each
Replacement Debit Cards$10.00 each
Returned Deposited Items$10.00 each ($39.00 if from member's account elsewhere)
Returned Mail$5.00 per month
Statement Copies$5.00 each
Stop Payments$39.00 each
Wire Transfers Fee
Incoming$10.00 each
Outgoing$20.00 each
Monthly Service Charge Fee
E-Checking$5.95 for each month balance goes below $500.00
Business Gold$9.95 for each month balance goes below $1,000.00
Statements Fee
Paper Statement5$1.00 / Statement

1Four free non-Comtrust ATM transactions or inquiries per month with E-Checking

2Bill Pay is free with E-Checking and unlimited transactions

3See Membership and Account Agreement for definition of Inactive

4Mobile Deposit is free with E-Checking

5 You can avoid this fee using E-Checking

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